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Smyrna, Georgia


New Construction

Development Type

2,081 SF

Project Size

Draft Dogs



Design Team

An exciting new project is coming to downtown Smyrna, Georgia. Draft Dogs combines a dog park and tap room, introducing a fresh architectural typology to the area. The design incorporates a prefabricated metal truss structure that serves as the central hub for beer taps and seating. Positioned to overlook the dog park and play area, the seating arrangement allows visitors to keep a close eye on their children and furry companions.
The thoughtfully planned space also includes a designated area for food trucks, allowing for a diverse and ever-changing selection of culinary options. This integration enhances the vibrant atmosphere of the park, providing a social gathering place where people can enjoy food, drinks, and the company of their pets.
Draft Dogs represents a unique blend of urban planning and recreational design, creating an inviting space that caters to the needs of both the community and their four-legged friends. By introducing this innovative architectural concept, downtown Smyrna gains a distinctive destination that adds to its vibrant character. (In development stage.)