10 Principles

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Jones Pierce Architects has established 10 Principles for a successful renovation or custom new home. The Principles are sequential, cumulative and collaborative, and following them assures that important decisions are made in the right order—with no backtracking or costly surprises. This is a unique approach to renovation and new design that you’ll only find at Jones Pierce, and which can make the difference between a favorable outcome, and failure.

The following are the 10 principles we follow to produce a successful home transformation.

1. Listening – First listen then design.

2. Context – The design stands out while fitting in.

3. Lifetime Homes – Plan for living in your home forever.

4. Sustainability – Prescribing sustainable design no mater what the budget.

5. Viability – Contemplating a custom renovation or new home.

6. Teamwork – Custom project require custom teams.

7. Budget Confirmation – Nailing down the price early in the process.

8. Cost Control – Eliminate cost escalation as detail is added to the drawings and during construction.

9. Owner Leverage – Must be retained as long as possible in the process.

10. Make it Easy – Making the process & decisions  easier for our clients.


While Jones Pierce clients seek us out because we offer inspired design, they ultimately choose us—and refer us to others—because of the process-oriented way we work. The Ten Principles are at the core of this process, ultimately helping to simplify selection, assist with decision-making and keep the budget in check. By following these Ten Principles—involving you as the owner, plus the architects, the contractors and the consultants—we make sure the plan for your project meets your vision, and execution is according to plan.